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Glogou offers one-stop services for foreign business advertising in China, including:

Following are some of our Ad China services:

Glogou also run offline marketing campaigns for foreign business in China. Our offline services include:

  • Go-to-China marketing strategies
  • Advertising on traditional media

Our Additional China Marketing Advertising Services

Social media ad network

Through popular social networks in China including,, your message will be effectively delivered through social media ad network.

Mobile ad network

China has the largest population using mobile phones. WIth the recent explosion of smart phones, mobile ads has become a very effective approach to reach consumers on the go. We can help you deliver messages directly against mobile users. Through off-line channels, we can help you reach targeted groups of Chinese consumers.

Professional magazines

There are many professional magazines in China focusing on targeted groups, such as fashion magazines for women, computer programs targeting on engineers. By directly delivering advertisements though these magazines, your message can reach the targeted group with laser focus and your ROI can be maximized.

Urban media ad network

Urban media advertisements network is a highly effective approach to reach consumers directly. By placing TV in office buildings, apartments and on buses, Glogou can fit your video advertisements on such channels and let you reach consumers where ever they are.

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